A Class Action Settlement Has Been Reached Regarding Uber's Safe Rides Fee

Uber Technologies and Rasier LLC, collectively the Defendants, have reached a settlement with the Plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit regarding the methods used by the Defendants to ensure the safety of their passengers. The suit claims that the 'Safe Rides Fee' associated with Uber rides is misleading, and that background checks done by Uber are unsatisfactory.

A $32,500,000 Settlement Fund will be established by Uber to pay eligible users what they are owed, and the company must change how it conveys fees and the process used to check driver backgrounds.

The Settlement still has to be approved by the US District Court, so funds won't be issued until such approval is granted. Uber users included in the Settlement have certain options and legal rights they can exercise, which include receiving funds directly into their Uber Rider Account, requesting funds be deposited into a bank or PayPal account, and excluding themselves from the Settlement altogether.

Who Are The Class Members?

Anyone who used the Uber service between January 1, 2013 and January 31, 2016 and selected a ride that included Uber's Safe Rides Fee is included in the Settlement. This is only applicable to those in the United States or its territories. Those who are excluded from the Class include anyone who worked for Uber Technologies or Rasier LLC, including directors, officers, and employees. Members of the Court and Court staff are also excluded. If a person has an Uber account email address that ends in '@uber.com' as of May 8, 2017, they are also excluded.

What Do Class Members Get From The Settlement?

You'll automatically receive a share of the Settlement if you have an Uber account and you don't exclude yourself from the Settlement. This, of course, is predicated on the idea that the Court will approve the Settlement. Those who are eligible for a share of the Settlement will have three options for receiving payment:

Option 1: Uber Rider Account - When you registered to use Uber, you created an Uber Rider Account. If you select option 1, your Settlement share will be paid into this account and applied to your next Uber ride. Users who are credited with the share but don't use it within a year could still receive the share through a connected payment method associated with the Uber Rider Account as a refund.

Option 2: PayPal Account - With this option, you'll identify your PayPal account on your Payment Election Form, and the funds will be deposited directly to your PayPal account.

Option 3: eCheck - To exercise this option, you'll have to fill out the Payment Election Form and provide an email address where you would like your electronic check mailed. You can only deposit eChecks into banks in the United States.

If you don't want the Settlement share to be deposited automatically into your Uber Rider Account, you'll have to fill out the Payment Election Form with your preferred option by no later than 11:59 p.m. PST on January 8, 2018. Those who don't submit the form will see their share deposited into their Uber Rider Account. If you don't have an Uber Rider Account but you are still involved in the Settlement, you must complete the Payment Election Form to receive your share. The Settlement website includes a way to send your Payment Election Form through the web. When filing the form, be prepared to provide your Class Member Identification Number.

The average Class Member will receive a Settlement share valued at about $1.07. If you want to estimate your own share more accurately, start with $0.25 for the initial ride that included a Safe Rides Fee during the Class Period and add $0.05 for every additional ride using the same service.

Once the Court has granted approval of the Settlement, payments to Class Members will be issued. It is possible that a series of appeals made by Uber could delay payment of the Settlement shares, and those appeals could take some time. To stay up to date on the current situation with the Settlement, continuously check the Settlement website for more information.

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