Toys-R-Us Hiring Seasonal Workers Despite Bankruptcy

Many of us are looking for part-time work because of the busy holiday season coming up. What better way to make some extra cash than by working in a store that is guaranteed to be busy up to, during, and even after, Christmas? This store is Toys-R-Us. While many customers may have heard that the giant retailer recently filed for bankruptcy, they have stated that it will still be business as usual. They proved this by putting out their annual call for help, stating that they need hundreds of extra workers for the holiday season. Not only that, the retailer is offering flexible hours and employee discounts for those who are hired.

New Job for Toy Testers

The mega-retailer is now offering a new job that many employees would love to have- toy tester. This job literally allows you to play with the various toys the company has on the shelves, in order to provide an up-front and personal view of the toys for both children and parents who are interested in purchasing them. Toy demonstrator positions will allow employees to play with certain toys in the store in front of parents and kids to show how they work and the stimulation the toy can provide for the child. Parents and children will also be permitted to play with the toys out of the box on their own before deciding on a purchase.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Filed

The retailer released a statement on Monday saying that they had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. This move occurred at a time when many retailers, especially toy-related stores, typically earn at least half of their annual revenue due to the busy holiday season. Christmas is one of the biggest shopping holidays of the year for Toys-R-Us, who saw 40% of their annual revenue last year during this season alone.

Toys-R-Us is currently trailing the mega-giant Walmart in toy sales because of the low prices that the chain offers. They are also battling with Target, another store that offers great deals during the holiday season and who often price matches with other stores. Additionally, Amazon has become another major competitor, as millions of consumers are now shopping online for the items they want, which can be delivered quickly an easily to their doorstep. Because of this, Toys-R-Us is planning to cut prices and offer large discounts during this year’s holiday season in order to entice past customers and new ones.

Hiring New Workers

Toys-R-Us was able to buy itself $3.1 billion in new financing because of their current bankruptcy filing. This will allow the major retailer to keep their stores stocked and ready for the upcoming holiday season, a crucial time of the year. Because of this, they will be adding more and more seasonal workers to their crew around the United States. The toy company has not released an official number of how many seasonal workers they planned to add, but did state that by hiring in the five top metro markets that they would end up adding more than 9, 650 workers.

Working for the major retailer this year is expected to be better than past years because of the improved economy and the fact that consumers are willing to spend more money. Walmart has announced that it will be providing more hours to part-time employees throughout the United States, as well as granting overtime, in order to meet the higher demands of the holiday season. This is especially helpful for those who are looking for more work for the holidays but already have a job with Walmart.

Target is Also Hiring Seasonal Workers

Target, another rival of Toys-R-Us, is taking the same approach as the giant toy store. They are planning to hire 25% more employees to meet the needs of the holiday rush. This amounts to at least 100,000 more seasonal workers in order to ensure that the retailer is fully equipped for the holidays.

Toys-R-Us is based out of Wayne, New Jersey and plans to offer their seasonal employees flexible hours and shifts, in order to lure in new employees for the holidays. Employees will also be offered discounts on purchases made at the store after they are hired.

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