Seventeen Fascinating and Easy Ways to Make Money Without Leaving the House

If you're looking for a bit of extra cash, you might be surprised at your potential options. Here are a few you might not have known about before.

1. Use Your Shed

Own a home? Have a shed? Live in place with scarce housing options? Think about renting it out to paying guests.

2. Host a Dinner

There's an app that lets people pay you to dine with them. If you're a scintillating conversationalist with a large twitter following, this is a great option for a free meal.

3. Sell Your Hair

Okay so you hair only grows about six inches a year so you probably won't make much. Still, chop it off make a little cash selling it online.

4. Cuddle Up

Some people really will pay you to cuddle up with them. You can ask them to come to your space or head out to theirs.

5. Be a Friend

If you're really social, you can get paid to be an escort. Many people hire someone to come with them for a social event.

6. Write and Give Away Books

People who love to write can write e-books. Sell them for a small fee. You can also give them away and built an audience. Once people love what you write, they'll happily pay you for more works.

7. Use Your Garage

Many people have a garage on their property. Take advantage of this fact and rent it out. You can rent it people who want to park near a location for a few hours. If it's larger, you can even rent it out for living space.

8. Sell Catnip

As any cat owner will tell you, catnip helps cats feel more relaxed. You can easily grow it any space in your home even if you don't have a garden. If you do, seeds are cheap and catnip is easy to grow. Start your catnip growing business with little more than some catnip seeds.

9. Grow Your Own Hive

Bees create delicious, all natural honey. Natural honey is prized as a sweetener all over the world. If you're comfortable handling bees, buy your own hive and sell your own honey. Bottle it and sell it online or at small craft fairs.

10. Test Websites

Large websites are always looking for effective client feedback. If you have the patience, you can become part of legion of website testers. While this isn't always consistent work, you might get a few invites now and then to make a little cash.

11. Let Banks Pay You

Have some extra cash lying around not doing you any good? Head to a bank. They'll pay you just for putting in some cash in a new account. Many only require a few hundred dollars and let you get their bonuses.

12. Class Action Suits

Many people find out they can qualify for some money because a business has behaved badly in the past. Fill out a form and you may get a nice little check.

13. Share Your Expertise

If you have an area of expertise, you can make money with phone consultations. People will pay you to give them advice.

14. Get Political

If you love politics, you can make money from home doing political work. A few companies are happy to pay you to help organize local political campaigns via your home computer and phone.

15. Tweet For Money

Those with large numbers of followers can be paid to tweet. If you have an audience of followers, you can be paid to endorse a product or offer an opinion.

16. A Home Juror

Many lawyers need some feedback before heading to the jury box in real life. You can be paid to tell them what you think of the evidence. For a few hours a month, you might be paid a nice tidy sum.

17. Rent a Tent

When there's a large event going on your community, rent a tent out to welcome a few paying guests to your area.

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