7 Expert Tips Every Target Shopper can Use to Save Money

Target has become a staple on shopping trips for many families; after all, their stores have almost anything you need all in one place. Their baseline prices are usually reasonable to start with, but veteran Target shoppers know that you can save lots of extra money on every trip by making use of Target's variety of money-saving secrets. There are tons of ways to save money at Target, particularly if you shop there frequently, and many of their discounts can also be stacked on top of each other. Here are 7 of the best ways to save money shopping at Target:

1. Save Email Receipts

Email receipts may not seem like a source of extra discounts, but they can be with the help of an app called Earny. This app, which is free to sign up for, scans your email for receipts from a variety of major retailers, Target included. It uses the Internet to monitor the prices of purchases you made, and when it finds a better deal, it makes use of the price protection policies that are offered by major retailers and credit card companies to get you a refund. Best of all, Earny contacts retailers or credit card companies on your behalf, so there's no work for you to do!

2. Scan your Groceries

As strange as it seems, you can get paid for doing nothing more than scanning your groceries after each shopping trip. The Nielsen company collects data on consumer shopping choices, and once you sign up to become a Nielsen Consumer Panel family, you can start scanning the barcodes on your purchases and sending the data to Nielsen in exchange for cash.

3. Use a Cash-Back App

There are a variety of cash back apps on the market now, and you can use many of them to earn money just for taking pictures of your receipts. Ibotta, one popular app, has free sign-up and browses cash-back options for stores in your area. Target is one of the many stores where you can take advantage of Ibotta, and aside from photographing your receipts, they also currently offer 25 cents for pictures of any target store.

4. Use the Retale App

Retale, another popular app, lets you shop around and compare prices without spending hours online or visiting different stores. The app shows you weekly shopping ads from stores near you, Target included, to help you find deals, and you can also use the app to search for specific items and compare prices at different retailers. In addition, Retale helps you stack discounts, as it allows you the options of browsing coupons for stores near you, and to link your loyalty or rewards cards from various retailers to your account.

5. Know the Tricks of Target Markdown Tags

If you do most of your shopping at Target in person rather than online, you should learn the secrets of Target's markdown tags. The small red tags marking items at target show two prices: the lower left corner of the tag displays the original price, while the upper right corner tells you the percentage that the item is marked down. To further help you take advantage of these tags, here's some expert advice: prices ending in $.04 have generally been marked down multiple times and won't see a further price reduction, while prices ending in $.06 or $.08 may still be marked down further in the future.

6. Join the RED Club for 5% Cash-Back

If you're shopping at Target regularly and haven't yet signed up for one of their RED debit or credit cards, it's time you remedied that. These cards allow you to get a whole 5% cash back on every purchase you make other than prescriptions. As a nice bonus, there's no annual fee on RED credit cards, but you can opt for a debit card instead if you don't want another card on your credit report.

7. Download the Target App

Downloading Target's official app will let you view the latest discounts on your phone anytime you want. More importantly, discounts found on the Target app can be stacked on top of coupons you've clipped as well as cash back from your RED card.

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