Traveling Over the Holidays? Find the Best and Worst Days to Do So

Many experts have come out with articles concerning the “best” days to travel when traveling by airplane. They usually provide the days that airfares are the lowest, which aren’t always the best choices when travelers have to factor in schedule conflicts and personal issues. There are reasons why the days listed are typically slower. For example, flying in the middle of the night is generally cheaper than flying during the day but much harder on people to do.

To figure out the best days to travel on a plane for the holidays, check the calendar. It’s really all you need to figure out what works best! It’s also a good idea to look at it from another point of view, which is to consider it backwards. You’ll want to first find out what days are the worst and most expensive to travel; for example, the busiest and most expensive days of the year. Use these findings to base your flying schedule on to figure out the better days for your situation.

When you are traveling by plane, consider these days for holiday traveling.


Most people know that Thanksgiving is one of the worst times to travel when you are trying to fly in or out of a city. Thanksgiving weekend is the absolute busiest time for pretty much every airline out there, as everyone is flying around the country to visit family. This year, November 22nd is one of the worst days to fly, which is the Wednesday before the holiday. The following Sunday, November 26th, is another bad time to fly, as everyone is trying to get back home before the work week starts again.

Finding low-fare seating for the days before the 23rd and then again for the days after the 25th will be difficult. If you can stay away from these days, you’re more likely to find a better deal for your flight. You can actually get better deals if you choose to fly out on Thanksgiving Day, as most people try to get to their destination before the actual holiday. Even flying out the day after Thanksgiving is a good idea, as many people are relaxing after the holiday or shopping for Black Friday.

Monday, October 9th is Canadian Thanksgiving. This is the best day to fly out if you can manage it. Busy travel days will be the Friday before, the 6th, and Tuesday the 7th. The days around these two will also be busy.

Christmas and New Year’s Day

Both Christmas and New Years Day fall on a Monday in 2017. Unfortunately, this will make the two weekends before the holidays a crazy time to fly. The Friday before Christmas, the 22nd, will be one of the busiest days of the year to fly, as will the 23rd and 24th. You’ll also want to avoid the Friday before New Year’s, the 29th, as well as Tuesday, January 2nd. Traveling on the other days may be a good idea, as travel time may be down as many people are trying to combine their three-day weekends into one big ten-day holiday in order to use up any vacation days they could lose. This is a good time to look for deals on airfare.

Of course, don’t mess up your holiday trying to save money on your flight. Sure, you want to pay the least for your ticket, but you don’t have to let the airline dictate what you will be doing for the holidays! Keep the days that you want to be where you are going in mind when you make reservations and try to finalize your flight as early as possible for the best deals.

When to Purchase Your Tickets

Statistically, airlines begin to gradually raise their airfares about three to four weeks before any given holiday. You definitely want to get your ticket booked early, as the fares will only get harder to find and more expensive as the holiday gets closer. Always check the airfares early and keep a close watch on them. When you find the best deal, don’t hesitate-jump on it and seal the deal.

For those heading to popular holiday spots, such as Florida, Hawaii, Vegas or the Bahamas, look for air-hotel packages. These may be available at a low rate even if the cheap airline seats have already been taken.

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