Catch Cheap Flights And Enjoy Stress-Free Travel During Christmas And Thanksgiving

Many Americans take the opportunity to travel and visit relatives or friends during the Christmas holidays and Thanksgiving Day. However, traveling on these occasions can cause a lot of strain with more than 28 million people also flying and a more significant number of tourists driving around. As for Christmas, expenses for gifts and little time to save money for airfare contributes to stress as well.

How can you save cash and avoid the pressure? Plan your trip ahead and opt for off-peak seasons. Check out the cheapest flights, hotel accommodations, and car rentals. Study the following pointers for a hassle-free and economical travel:

Get the Correct Flight Details from the Airline Firm.

Reduce the possibility of a delayed or overbooked flight. A plane ticket does not guarantee your seat. Pre-booking does not mean you get that particular seat. Know the rules of airline companies. Airlines can always bump off passengers unwillingly provided they compensate affected persons equal to the amount of time lost which sometimes reach 400% of the ticket price. The cost depends on destination and period of delay.

The airline initially offers incentives for volunteers among the passengers to give up seats for as much as $10, 000 per ticket. Willing passengers can inform the ticket agent and give up their seats for an overbooked flight. Airlines start with passengers holding the cheapest tickets. Upgrade early and arrive at the gate 15 to 30 minutes before departure to avoid forfeiture of your seat.

As part of their SOP, airlines rebook delays and cancellations, so you reach your destination the soonest possible time. However, they don't give away free trips or miles to passengers who change flights because of weather and safety reasons.

Travel on Non-Peak Days

Travel on off-peak days like Thanksgiving Day mornings when fewer passengers travel although agents sell tickets at a higher cost. Catching an early flight means arriving home in time for the grand meal with family members. This move also saves the traveler a lot of money by reducing flight costs. For road trips, try using Google Maps or a road planner for comparing traffic at various points and times.

Make the Most of Travel Experience

Expect longer queues on holidays so arriving ahead of time can reduce anxiety and avoid throwing away money. For domestic flights, two hours earlier makes sense to prevent flight cancellations. Think about taking carry-on luggage to avoid losing checked-in bags. Airlines usually charge carry-on baggage at half the price while a checked-in suitcase costs between $15 and $75. Explore the facilities, restaurants, and souvenir shops in the airport if you happen to arrive very early.

Get the Right Reservations and Come up with Instant Solutions

Look for the hotel manager right away in case your room reservations go awry. Have a specific answer in mind such as room upgrade for free or discounted stay for the night. Stay composed and civil. Hotel staff will respond promptly and positively if the guest maintains courtesy despite the tight situation.

For car rental issues, talk to managers or supervisors for immediate resolution of the problem. Repeat your request without any agitation and speak in a hushed tone. Don't attempt to raise your voice or cream because that action will not resolve your predicament. Clients have the prerogative to ask for refunds after staying at the hotel. Write a full report of the incident if the service or remedy was not satisfactory. You can dispute the credit card charges later.

Pack Belongings Wisely

Dragging heavy luggage can be a hassle. Forgetting essential items like mobile phone battery charger, clothes, and fashion accessories can ruin your vacation. Pack your things in advance. Prepare a checklist of vital items and leave unnecessary stuff behind. Bring lighter apparel unless you travel in winter. Find out baggage weight limits and purchase a weighing scale to avoid expensive fees. If you go by bus, bring some snacks, bottle of drinking water, and hand sanitizer.

Carry a spare battery for your mobile phone and longer cable for the USB to reach an electric socket easily. Planning your holiday travel can spell the difference between an enjoyable rest and recreation and an utterly unforgettable lousy experience.

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