Insider Secrets for Great Ways to Get Free Flights

Air travel these days is quite expensive. When you pair up how much it costs to get a ticket along with how much hassle there is to board a plane, it's no wonder people are always looking for ways to save money. The good news is that there are ways to make sure you are getting free and reduced cost flights. some of those tips have even been provided by people who have inside knowledge of the air travel industry. You can check out those tips below.

Hit sites others don't

While sites like Expedia and Orbitz are browsed by almost everyone, there are other sites out there that offer better deals. The fact of the matter is that an airlines' are often able to offer better deals than what you're going to find on those "discount airfare sites. Other websites like Momondo, Airfarewatchdog and Skyscanner are all going to give you different prices that are quite a bit lower than what you're used to. You aren't going to be getting a free flight, but you will be getting a flight with much lower fares than what you were expecting.

Credit card sign up bonuses

If you really are looking for totally free flights, then you are going to want to have a credit card that offers up free miles. If you want to get those miles quicker than normal, you should make sure you are signing up for credit cards that have signing bonuses. There are quite a few credit cards out there that will absolutely give you a ton of miles when you sign up, as long as you have the right credit rating. If your credit score is top of the line, then you are going to need to make sure that you seek out the right kind of credit cards and look for the best of the best when it comes to the miles and the signup bonuses. You obviously don't want to sign up for too many cards or you are going to find that credit rating going down the tubes.

Work to get yourself "bumped"

When an airline overbooks, they will often times have to "bump" a passenger. When they do this, they will generally pay a pretty decent amount of money in order to be one of the people who gets bumped. For the most part, getting paid to get bumped is just a luck of the draw situation, but there are ways you can put yourself in line to get a bump and get some really good money for that bump.

If you think your flight is quite full, make sure you are in the gate area early.
If the airline is going to look to someone to who is there plenty early before the flight takes off.

Sit as close to the desk agent as possible. One outsider has said that if you are on the lookout for a bump, you are going to want to put yourself as close as possible to a desk agent. There have been plenty of times when multiple people have been willing to take some cash. Make sure you are close and ready to jump up and take the offer when it is made.

Airlines will typically start with offers of about $250 when they are looking to bump someone. If there are no takers, they will go up about $50 every couple of minutes. You're going to need to be able to read the room though, because most people are going to be willing to take the cash unless they are all really needing to get somewhere. Even if you only take the $250, if you can really plan getting bumped you might eventually be able to put those bump fees together and get yourself a free flight.

Combine efforts

Speaking of combining things. If you are able to get some money for your bumped ticket, then combine that with a flight that you find at a discounted price, or you use miles you have gotten from your credit card, you will find a way to get a free flight even if it normally would just be a discount.

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