How To Save Money On Gas At Costco

According to an online gas comparison website, Costco sells gas for much less than your average gas station. Even though all Costco stores do not have a gas station attached to them, if the one you shop at does, you could save a lot of money when you fill up your tank. Not only can you save money on gas regularly, you can be relieved knowing their gas is considered a good brand to use. Below are some great tips and information to consider when getting great gas deals at Costco.

Costco Gas Is Cheaper

Because Costco gas is much cheaper than other local gas stations, they typically lose money on the sale of their gas. However, they will generally use their low gas prices as a retail trick in order to get you into their stores to buy other merchandise that you weren't even considering purchasing. However, if you can resist the urge to enter their store, you will be saving a lot of money on your gas purchases.

How Is Costco Gas So Affordable?

According to an online gas comparison website, Costco's gas is up to 20-cent cheaper than other gas stations which are local. This makes them have the most affordable gas around town if they are located close to you.

Are They Open 24/7?

Costco gas stations are usually only open during normal or extended business hours. Because they don't make a lot of profit, or any, on the sale of their gas, it doesn't make sense to pay employees to work and keep the gas stations open all day and night.

Get Cash Back On Gas Using Costco Visa

Not only can you save money from just buying your gas at Costco instead of other gas stations, you can save even more if you pay for it using their Costco visa card. With their Costco Anywhere Visa, you can get up to four-percent cash back on gas purchases at any gas station you visit. These savings are even bigger when you combine that with the low cost of Costco gas. There is a cap to the amount of cash back you are able to get each year, however.

Can Non-Costco Members Use The Gas Station?

Typically, the gas station is reserved for Costco members only. However, there is one exception to this rule. Non-members who have the Costco Cash card are still able to fill up at the Costco gas station without having to pay for a membership. This is a cool offer for people who want to save money on gas while not having to pay for a Costco membership. This cash card will let you get gas at the pump and shop the store whenever you want to. The best way to get a Costco Cash card is to have a current member buy you one at the warehouse or online using their account. You can buy them in small increments or up to $1,000 to buy gas and other items.

Avoid The Gas Station On The Weekends

If you are able to, it is always best to try and avoid getting gas at Costco over the weekends. It can get really busy during this time. If you are wanting to go fill up without having to wait in a long line, it is best to go during the weekdays around 10-11am. This time is the best because most people are at work by then and not out to lunch yet.

Who Is Not Able To Get Gas At Costco?

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to get cheap gas at Costco. There are two types of people who are not able to use the Costco gas station. The first people are the ones that don't have memberships at the warehouse. In order to get a membership, you will have to buy one. However, this membership will not only let you get the cheapest gas in town, you will be able to shop the warehouse for great deals whenever you choose. The other type of people who cannot get the cheap Costco gas are those who don't have the Costco Cash card. However, this can be simple to apply for online and will give you great deals on gas everywhere you fill up.

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