Best Value Travel Destination List 2018

Are you planning to travel this coming vacation but you need to look for a place to go wherein your budget fits in? Well, you are lucky enough because in this article you can choose place to visit without breaking your budget and going beyond what is allotted for it.

1. Shanghai

For many business establishments’ openings in China, the very popular coastal city, Shanghai maintains affordability in many ways especially to travelers who are conscious with their budget. In fact the hotel rate in Shanghai starts at $10. The pleasing lower rates continue up to midrange economical yet very friendly accommodations and hotels.

In terms of foods, well, they are also cheaper like the street foods for just a dollar and a few more in restaurants. Eventhough big and famous restaurants in Shanghai are expensive but incredibly delicious and really worth its price.

But what makes it an enticing place to visit especially during vacation is the safe to walk streets in the city. The city lights, affordable and mouth-watering foods, and of course a cozy yet economical hotel accommodations are the best points why Shanghai is best for travelers.

2. South Africa

For several years now, South Africa is the best options for travelers to go to especially if the budget is the primary reason. It doesn’t mean that when people travel they have big budget to enjoy. There are still people who travel to unwind, to refresh, or to think of something about their life. Hence, they are looking for a place to go that suits their budget but would still offer them a place that will give them a peace of mind.

If wildlife adventure is what makes your vacation getaway a perfect one then visiting South Africa is a great option. You can go there months of March until May then from September to October. This season is called shoulder season to experience comfortable weather during that time and less crowd also.

3. Bali

Nowadays, there are too many options where to travel, but Bali, Indonesia is a different place to experience. Travel destinations might require you to spend a lot, but Bali remains the same. For those who are considered as mid-range travelers would really love the place and the Balinese style they will surely experience while in there.

4. Taiwan

Another affordable yet beautiful place to go is Taiwan. Foods are really cheap and even their hotel accommodations. Taiwan is an all-around value pack for travelers who want low-cost adventure. Moreover, the admissions to travel destinations like museums and temples are affordable also. In fact, very cheap and anyone can afford even those who are in a tight budget.

Flying For Free

Have you ever heard of travel hacking? Travel hacking involves gaming the system using airlines, credit cards, hotels, and the points system to earn free travel which could include flights, lodging, and upgrades. It is very worth your time.

Travel hacking is nothing new. People have been gaming the points system for years including getting bumped from flights in exchange for free tickets. It's relatively easy to earn flights or hotels without it becoming a full time job. If you're ready to jump right in then follow these few basic steps.

Foremost, you have to be a member of any rewards program you intend to use. Sign up for any airline's frequent flyer program that you intend to use. Very often you will receive a mileage bonus just for signing up. There are services that help you organize this called an 'award wallet'.

Use the same airlines or hotels as much as possible. Repeat customers receive much more love than 1 timers. Loyalty programs exist for a reason and businesses want to take care of the ones who take care of them.

Next, figure out the best credit card to use for harvesting miles. You will receive sometimes a 50k mile bonus just for opening a new credit card. That's enough for 2 domestic flights for free.

More to come...good luck and let us know how you do.

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