Three Easy Ways To Give Money As A Gift This Holiday Season

It is relatively simple to give money as a gift. It is just like making a dish for a potluck. This is a gift that most people will usually appreciate. However, cash can sometimes miss the mark. Putting money in a holiday card can be risky. There is a chance that the card could get lost or stolen. Additionally, many people who receive cash in person or in the mail may stuff in their wallet and forget about it. The good news is that there are alternatives to cash that you can use.


Writing checks may seem like it is something that is outdated. However, if you already have a checkbook, then writing a check can be convenient. It is also relatively easy to cash a check. There are many banks that have apps that allow people to cash checks. All one has to do is take a photo with their smart phone. You can also create a handwritten card that will make the check more personal.

Protections: Sending a check is more secure than sending a cash. A person is required to write a name on the check. If the check is never delivered, then you have the option of cancelling it. However, a fee is required to cancel your check, so it should be a last resort.

When a Check is a Hassle: You will not know when the person cashes or deposits the check. If your check is cashed or deposited when your balance is low, then you will likely have to pay an overdraft fee.

Lou Anne Alexander is the group president of Early Warning Services. This is a financial risk management firm. She stated that her mother typically writes checks to her grandchildren. She will also call them if they have not cashed their checks.

Gift Cards

If you give a gift card, then they will have to be used for a specific thing. Shelley Hunter is the gift card expert who works for She stated that if you are low on cash, then you can pair a gift card with another gift. For example, you can give a $10 gift card along with a batch of cookies. You can also add a written note.

Protections: Anyone can use a gift card, so there is no protection if the card is lost or stolen. However, if the card has not been used, then it can be replaced. You will need to provide a proof of purchase in order to replace a gift card. You will need to provide an email or receipt that has a proof of purchase. You will also need to have the name of the store you purchased the card from.

When They are a hassle

It can be difficult for you to find the right gift card. You will have to know about where the recipient likes to shop. You will have to ask the recipient or someone who knows him or her before you purchase the gift card.

Online Peer 2 Peer Payments

Peer 2 peer payments are relatively simple to use. You can use apps like Square Cash, Venmo and PayPal. Many banks have a service that is similar to Zelle. This is a peer 2 peer provider that allows people to deliver money between two banks within a few minutes. This is a service that is usually free.

Protections: There are peer 2 peer payment services that encrypt their websites, which allows people to resolve unauthorized transactions. Federal law puts a cap on the amount that you can lose money from an unauthorized transfer. However, you will have to report the theft within a few days.

When They are a Hassle: You will not be able to reverse or cancel peer 2 peer payments if you have already sent the money. Even if you send the money to the wrong person, you cannot reverse it. The best thing for you to do is request to get the money back.

A peer 2 peer payment transaction can be more awkward than sending a gift card or check. That is why you may want to add a personal note to the transaction. Presentation matters regardless of whether you send a check, gift card or make a peer 2 peer payment transaction.

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