Finish 2017 with Extra Cash in Your Pocket

Get started early on your financial goals for 2018 by earning a few bucks on New Year’s Eve. Whether you’ve got an hour to spare or are eager to work all evening, you have many options. Here are eight of the ways you can earn money on New Year’s Eve.

1. Drive with a Ride-sharing App

New Year’s Eve is the perfect night to drive for Uber or Lyft. High demand from partygoers will send your hourly rate through the roof, and you’ll be keeping people safe. You have complete control over your schedule, so you can stop accepting new rides if you want to watch the ball drop or stop at a great party for a few hours. Grab some coffee and get ready to rake in the big bucks.

2. Hold the Line

If you’re in a major city, you’re in luck. Clubs will be overflowing with customers looking to party, which means long lines stretched around the block. You can make $20 for just standing around. Head to your local hotspots and look for women in uncomfortable heels or groups of friends complaining about how hungry they are. Offer to hold their spot while they run to the bathroom or grab a bite to eat.

3. Pop Some Polaroids

Polaroid pictures were a big trend in 2017, and low-end Polaroid cameras were big-sellers. In a world where everything is going digital, physical photos are making a comeback. Cashing in on this trend is easy. Just head downtown with a Polaroid and offer a tangible souvenir of the night to passerby. Price your photos at $5 to $10 and watch the cash roll in.

4. Buy a Bottle

Frugal gurus already know about Ibotta, the shopping app that pays you for picking up groceries. Fewer people realize you can get paid for drinking. Check your local offers through the Ibotta app to find deals at your favorite bars of grocery stores. Yes, you really can get paid for buying booze on New Year’s Eve. If you’re a brand-new user, Ibotta will give you a $10 bonus for the first purchase you upload, and you can continue using the app for more cash back in 2018.

5. Babysit

Sure, there are plenty of new apps that let you make money in your spare time. That doesn’t mean you should overlook tried-and-true methods of picking up extra cash. New Year’s Eve is the perfect night for babysitting, especially if you’re already planning to avoid the party scene. Let friends and family members know you’re looking for a little work on NYE and let the offers roll in. They’ll appreciate the chance to get away for the night, and your wallet will appreciate the dough.

6. Be a Model for the Night

New Year’s is a big night for liquor brands. You can pick up short-term work as a promotional model or beer girl giving out free samples. Look on CraigsList for these opportunities and expect to make $25-$35 an hour as the most popular patron at the bar.

7. Tell the Future

If you’ve got basic storytelling skills and know how to keep a crowd’s attention, try reading palms or Tarot cards for the night. New Year’s Eve is a time of possibility as people reflect on 2017 and get ready for 2018; why not tap that into that energy? Find some space on a busy sidewalk or start talking to bored patrons waiting in line outside nightclubs. Keep your predictions positive and vague and you’ll have more customers than you can handle.

8. Become a Bartender

Bars are swamped on New Year’s Eve. This means they’ll be willing to take chances on unknown bartenders. Turn your love of mixed drinks into a big paycheck and a possible part-time job. Earning hundreds of dollars in tips isn’t uncommon on NYE, especially if you’ve got a little flair and a lot of drink knowledge. Do a good enough job and the bar might bring you on for future busy nights.

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