Healthcare Grants

Health care grants can cover various program and equipment needs and are awarded by a variety of entities including:
• The federal government
• State and city governments
• Universities
• Corporations
• Private donors

If you are interested in applying for a healthcare grant, your first step should be to figure out what your needs are and which of the criteria for health care grant funding you meet.

You may use personal grants to help with paying for higher quality health care, which includes food and nutrition along with childcare. These grants may be used to help with covering the cost of medical services and utilities as well.

Programs for Assistance with Medical Bills and Health Insurance

Grants and assistance with health care for individuals is available from the US Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). For people with low or moderate incomes, free grants are available from state and local programs. With most programs, it will be necessary to qualify for the health care grant. Typically, the amount you are awarded is dependent on your yearly earnings and the number of people you support. Children are more likely to qualify for coverage even if their parents do not. This is due to the emphasis on providing them with quality health care during their formative years.

Assistance with Utility Bills

The sad reality is that many Americans cannot pay for basic utilities like heat and electricity. The state of the economy has forced people into the situation of having to choose between essentials; the result is that many are unable to cover their most important expenses. Free grants are one of the ways that the federal government is providing assistance to needy Americans.

The Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) is one way that the government helps families who cannot afford to pay for electricity or heat. Individuals and families receive free grants that provide financial assistance and meet their basic needs for safety, light and heat in the winter.

The amount of the grant may be entirely based on income, but other factors may be taken into account such as how many people live in the home and the type of fuel used there. The location of the home may also be considered.

The Grant Application Process

Application is easy and can be done online. It is free to apply and you can seek as many grants as you want. If you have already researched grants, then you know that there is so much information available that it is easy to be overwhelmed. can provide you with valuable resources. We have lists of grant sources and available grants on our website. You can match yourself with the right grants and begin the application process immediately. The grant opportunities are found by our researchers and listed in one location for your convenience. A visit to our site can therefore save you hours of research on your own. With the click of a mouse, you get access to all of our research and that makes the process more convenient and more private. You can get on the path to free grant assistance with your utility bills or medical bills with the help of

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