What To Do If You Do Not Pay Your Taxes On Time

Taxpayers who miss the April 15th deadline for filing a tax return are not in any real danger of being charged with a crime, but taxpayers must take steps to pay their taxes in good faith. The IRS is only interested in knowing your tax liability, and the steps in this article explain how to handle a late tax filing with the IRS.

#1: File Your Extension

You should file an extension on April 15th if you can make it. The extension form is a single sheet of paper you use to extend your deadline for filing your taxes. You will receive a notification from the IRS with your new deadline, and you may file for another extension if necessary. Communicating the IRS is much better than avoiding them. The IRS will come to you for your tax return if you choose not to work with them.

#2: Make The Payment

The IRS is not particularly interested in making your payment difficult. The IRS usually allows taxpayers to make late payments without any fees or interest. Fees and interest are charged to those who have willfully tried to dodge the tax payment deadline. Those who work with the IRS in good faith may make their payment without incident. Life may get complicated in your world, but the IRS will allow you to make the payment before fees and interest are included.

#3: Make Arrangements

You must make payment arrangements with the IRS if you are unable to pay the full amount today. The IRS wants your money, but they are not stringent in their guidelines for payment. You may work something out with the IRS that makes the payments easy. There are taxpayers out there who make quarterly tax payments to avoid this problem in the future, and you may ask about this payment structure when contacting the IRS.

#4: When You Need An Attorney

The IRS may find that you are willfully trying to dodge your tax liability. Tax fraud is very hard to prove, and the IRS must have a good bit of evidence in the case. You are better off working with an attorney to learn your rights. Your attorney may negotiate on your behalf with the IRS. Resolutions are reached in these cases more often than not, and your relationship with your attorney is not a long one.

#5: Communication Is Key

Every step in this article points back to communication with the IRS. You must not avoid speaking with the IRS for fear of something terrible happening. You would be wise to speak with the IRS as soon as you can to discuss a resolution to your situation. There are many taxpayers in the same predicament as you, and you must follow proper procedure to avoid having trouble with the IRS.

You may contact an attorney to serve as your advocate if you are accused of criminal tax evasion, but you can avoid most problems with a simple phone call or extension. The IRS will help you decide how to handle your tax liability, and they will give you payment options. Avoiding the problem only makes it worse.

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