Are you qualified for Disability Grants?

People with disabilities are at a disadvantage when it comes to finding a stable income or a path to reliable health insurance and healthcare. There are some benefits and grants available for people with disabilities, though. Finding them can be difficult, but the real difficult task is finding out whether or not you would qualify for one of these benefits or grants. Every year, billions of dollars come out in the form of grants for people with disabilities, but knowing where to find them or how to qualify for them is the concern here.

How About Repaying Personal Debts?

Many grants seeking people with disabilities want to find a way to relieve their debts. These debts usually come from hospital bills and healthcare purposes, but there is not much relief for this concern. Government aid does not provide help with any personal debts. There is nothing called a “debt relief grant.” There are some other ways that the government does help out people with disabilities.

Secret of Disability Grants

Disability grants are a catch-all term for two things. Of course, this term refers to grants themselves, and benefits also exist that you might be entitled to that simply need to be applied for. The Grants require a type of proposal to be completed, and the better the proposal is written and supported, the better chances it has of passing verdicts in a positive way.

Grants do exist for many things, like education, home repairs, trips, medications, counseling and much more. The only thing grants do not exist for would be personal debts. As eluded to previously, the best way to achieve a grant or benefit is to write out all stories in writing and to be as specific as possible. The more details that are given, the better chances are that a grant or benefit will be awarded.

Simple Process, But Not So Much

The steps to applying for a grant or benefit are rather simplistic. However, they are not easy. To make this process easier, it is best to look at the process and the information that is being required to find out what specifically is being asked for. The more questions you ask early on in the process, the smoother everything will go for filling out the information being requested. As stated, the steps are easy. Asking questions can be easy. Finding the answers and a way to go through gathering all of the data needed is what can be rather difficult.

Qualifications for Disability Grants

One of the most popular grant programs in the United States is the Social Security Disability Insurance Program (SSDI). There are several requirements to receive money from this program.

First of all, the amount of money a person makes per year has to measure out to less money than is being spent on bills and necessities per month. Also, FICA taxes must have been paid for out of incoming income for a certain number of years – usually, the timeframe measures five to ten years.

The first thing to do is pass a recent work test and a duration work test to be eligible for SSDI. Earnings are converted into work credits, and this number is calculated annually. For example, in 2016, work credit equals $1,300.00. The maximum number of credits per year is $5.200.00. A minimal amount of money must be made to achieve these credit conversion goals.

What About that Work Test?

People who are 31 years old and older must have worked at least five of the last ten years to pass the work test. In other words, 20 credits must have been earned in ten years. One-quarter of a year worked equals one credit. People between the ages of 24 and 31 must have worked at least half of the time between their current age and having turned 21. People who are under 24 years old must have worked at least worked one and a half years across a three year period.

People who have worked too few credits might be able to apply for Supplemental Security Income (SSI), which does not have a work requirement.


The grants are out there, and they are waiting for applications to be received. However, though you might qualify for a grant or benefit, applying for it can be rather difficult. The reward is in the details, and the more details that are given, the more likely an approval will be achieved.

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