Grants To Help Senior Citizens To Fix Up Their Homes

Many seniors want to fix up their homes, but they postpone getting repairs because of the high cost. Fixing up your home is important because it can make it safer. The good news is that you can get a grant to help you fix up your home. A grant is essentially free money because you do not have to pay it back. However, there are qualifications that have to be met before you get a grant. In most cases, the person's income has to be at or below a certain income.

USDA Home Repair Grant

The Department of Agriculture provides funding for seniors who need to make health and safety repairs to their home. In order to qualify for this assistance, your income must be below 50 percent of what the median income is in your area. For example, if the median income in the area is $40,000, then your income must be at or below $20,000.

You must also be 62-years-old. Your home must also be in the rural area of the country. You do not have to repay the grant, but you must stay in your home for at least three years after you receive the grant. People can get up to $7,500 in funding.

HUD's Reverse Mortgage Program

People who are not able to qualify for one of the low-income programs can apply for the Housing and Urban Development's Reverse Program. This is a program that allows you to use your home equity as credit. There are no minimum income requirements that have to be met. However, you must be at least 62-years-old and have a low balance on your mortgage. You do not have to pay the money back as long as you meet the eligibility requirements.

Specially-Adapted Housing Grant

The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs provides funding to seniors who have a disability. However, you must have served time in the military in order to qualify for this grant. You can get up to $63,780 in funding. You can use this funding to make changes to your existing home. You can also use this money to purchase a home that has been renovated to meet your needs.

People who are interested in this program must have a disability such as blindness, severe burn injury and loss of one or more limbs. Widening the doorways for wheelchair access and installing grab bars in the home are some of the ways that a home can be renovated in order to meet the needs of a senior.

Habitat for Humanity Critical Home Repair

Habitat for Humanity can help you if you need to get your home repaired. You can get an interest-free loan in order to repair your loan. You can use the money to weatherize your home or make home repairs. Weatherizing your home will make it more energy-efficient. Additionally, you can use the money to complete a total home renovation.

Keep in mind that the Habitat for Humanity Critical Home Repair is not designed to be used for emergency repairs. In order to qualify program, your property taxes must be paid in full. Your home must not be in danger of going into foreclosure. You must be the one who is living in the home and have homeowners insurance. Additionally, the value of the building must not be more than $100,000.

Not only does the Habitat for Humanity offer the Critical Home Repair, but it also offers A Brush With Kindness Program. This is a program that offers weatherstripping, landscaping and minor repair services. The program is not just for seniors. It is also for the handicapped and other people who are in need.

Home Depot Foundation

The Home Depot Foundation is another agency that provides funds to people who need to repair their homes. People can receive up to $5,000 in order to repair their homes. They can also use the money to weatherize the home, or make it more energy-efficient. This will help homeowners save more money on energy bills.

In order to qualify for The Home Depot Foundation, you must have a low-income. This grant is available in the form of a Home Depot gift card. You can also get free tools, materials and services.

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