College Housing Grants

A college housing grant is offered to needy students in various higher learning institutions. Its primary purpose is to cater for a student's housing costs, which are among the largest expenses during a student’s school life. Just like beneficiaries of scholarships, college housing beneficiaries are not required to repay the grant. This article examines some college housing grants offered by the Federal Government, the state governments, and individual colleges.

1. U.S Department of Education

The US Department of Education is the primary grant provider for college students. When applying for the grants, a student has to fill the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This application collects a student’s financial information, which is used to assess a student's extent of financial need. A student can use the grant to finance his or her housing, tuition, or to pay for other living expenses.

Some of the grants provided by the US Department of Education include;

The Federal Pell grants that are intended for undergraduate students: As a rule, a financially needy student has to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid form. Successful applicants can receive as much as $5,815 with the amount received depending on one’s financial need, academic status, and cost of attendance. To keep receiving the grant, the beneficiary will have to fill the FAFSA form each academic year.

The second type of grants provided by the U.S Department of Education is the Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants. Abbreviated as FSEOG, these grants are awarded on a need basis to undergraduate students.

Students with an exceptional financial need like those with an Expected Family Contribution of zero will be the first beneficiaries to receive this grant. Depending on financial need, a student can receive as much as $4000 each year.

2. Academic Competitiveness Grants

The Academic Competitiveness grants are awarded to first-year and second-year undergraduate students. For a student to receive this grant, he or she has to be a beneficiary of the Pell grants. However, these grants are awarded by need and merit basis rather than just financial need.

Legible students must be US citizens with a GPA of 3.0 or more in their degree program. Successful applicants can receive a grant of more than $750 for those in their first year of study and $1300 for those in their second year of study.

ACG beneficiaries, who are beyond the second year of study, can qualify for Science and Math Access to Retain Talent. However, this grant is awarded specifically to financially needy students who take science related curriculum like Math and Engineering.

3. Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education

These TEACH grants are given to students undertaking a teaching-related degree. After completing their studies, beneficiaries have to take a four-year service in primary or secondary schools serving underprivileged communities. A successful applicant for this grant can receive as much as $4000, an amount that is used to cater for various college expenses.

4. State Government College Housing Grants

Besides the grants offered by the federal government, financially needy students can also receive a college housing grant from their respective state governments. One type of this grant is the California Student Aid Commission, which is intended for high school senior students who are looking forward to attending one of the higher learning institutions in California. Just like the other grants we have reviewed above, those who want to benefit from the California grant have to complete the FAFSA.

The Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance grant is given to disadvantaged college students studying in various colleges in Pennsylvania. Successful students are awarded a sum of money that caters for their living expenses.

On the other hand, students enrolled in Massachusetts Community colleges may receive a housing grant that covers their living expenses. In most cases, beneficiaries have to stay on-campus.

5. Institutional Housing Grants

In some occasions, some higher learning institutions may provide grant programs for students who need financing for their housing needs. Some of the colleges with this grant program are the City College of New York, the Youngstown State University, and the Florida Gulf Coast University, among other colleges. A student ought to contact his or her college housing authority to know if his or her college offers any housing grants.

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