How Walmart May Owe You Money Of Up To $15,004

Most people have spent so much money at Walmart during their lives. They sell just about anything anyone could ever need from food and vitamins to clothes and automotive supplies. Many savvy shoppers love finding deals and discounts at Walmart and are all too eager to spend their hard-earned money there making Walmart one of the biggest retailers in the world. The appeal of Walmart is that they pride themselves in being a one-stop shopping store where you can get everything you need for home in one store.

The Walmart chain employs more than a million people across the world and pays out a lot of money to keep their stores functioning and operating every day. They work hard to retain some of the lowest prices for their products compared to other leading chains. Additionally, because of the popularity of Walmart, they are also faced daily with thousands of lawsuits from both employees and customers alike. While most of these lawsuits are small and frivolous, there are many that the company takes seriously in order to keep a good reputation.

Walmart Payday

In a more recent class-action lawsuit filed against Walmart, a woman filed based on the allegations that she was discriminated against at the company. If you and another employee of the same sex were employed by Walmart during the time period from the beginning of January 2011 to the end of 2013, then you may be eligible to participate in this lawsuit. If the court favors with the employees, it could result in a payday of up to $15,000 per person involved in the class-action suit.

What Is The Basis Of The Lawsuit?

The allegations stem from employees saying that the company denied same-sex employees who were married to get health insurance until there was a universal change in the policy requirements that occurred on January 1, 2014. Walmart had settled on that lawsuit even though they still admit they did nothing wrong. They say they only agreed to settle because they didn't want the suit to have to go to trial because of the burdens that come with going to court over these types of issues. The settlement for the suit was over seven-million dollars and was paid out to employees that were both affected by the denial of insurance and that who filed a claim. After the suit was filed, Walmart agreed to treat all same-sex employees of their stores and their spouses equally when it comes to insurance.

How To Participate In The Lawsuit

There are a few ways in which to take part in the lawsuit that could result in a payday of up to $15,000 for you. The top two ways to take part include filling out either a short form or a long form. The short form can entitle employees who were affected by being denied health insurance the ability to receive $5,000 a year for up to three years of employment. The actual amount that will be paid out will be dependent on the outcome of the lawsuit, however. Aside from the short form, no other paperwork would be necessary.

The long form will be needed for same-sex couples who were denied coverage while working at Walmart and will reimburse any payments made to other insurance companies for health insurance. To get money back for those expenses, the medical bills need to be submitted using the long form. Additionally, any employees who had to pay out of pocket to receive health insurance on their own for coverage may be able to get compensation of up to $3.5 million dollars in an effort to recoup for their damages.

What Documentation Is Needed To File?

In order to be able to participate in the lawsuit, the documentation that in needed include any information about healthcare expenses that were incurred during your employment during the time when the company refused to offer you coverage. Anything you paid yourself including insurance premiums, copays, prescriptions and medical bills can all be added to the suit. All of these documents are only necessary if you are filling out the long form. Anyone filling out just the short form for the lawsuit will only need to provide proof that they were employed during the time frame stated above.

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