Take An Amazing Summer Vacation On Tight Budget

Whether you’re on a tight budget or you simple prefer to save money whenever possible, taking a summer vacation on a budget is important to many families. Financially speaking, vacations are a luxury you don’t need. Realistically speaking, vacations are a must. You need time to get away from the realities of everyday life to rest, recharge, and change your perspective. The everyday grind is endless, and sometimes you need to get away. If you’re working within a budget, you can still take a great summer vacation and stay within the budget. This financial advice is designed to help you enjoy your life without worrying about your finances.

Stay Local

Do you live somewhere wonderful? If you do, there is no reason you can’t stay local and enjoy all that being home has to offer. You might not want to stay home since so many distractions of home prevent you from enjoying your vacation, but you don’t have to stay home. You can rent a house on the beach, stay in a hotel using one of the many apps on your smart phone that allow you to bid on rooms, book deals, or just keep an eye on the price to see where it’s lowest.

If staying near home isn’t enticing, try staying somewhere just a few hours away. Where can you drive and save money on airfare? Rather than spending money on a flight, a rental car, or even public transportation, where you can you go that’s within a reasonable driving distance? It’s a great way to save money.

House Sit with a Friend

Do you have a friend or family member who lives somewhere else in the country? If you do, ask them if you can sit for them while they’re on vacation. Most people are happy to have someone in their home while they’re away. You can water their plants, walk their dog, and prevent people from trying to break in a house they know is empty. As long as you abide by their rules, people are happy to have a trusted friend or relative in their home to keep things in order when they’re on vacation.

Take Advantage of Last Minute Deals

Sometimes you plan months in advance, and sometimes you book a vacation on Thursday night and leave Friday. Many sites offer low prices on last minute cruises, flights, hotels, and much more. If you sign up for emails from those sites, you can keep an eye on the lowest prices and book a vacation that’s well within your budget while still getting a lot more for your money.

Try Low Fare Airlines

Frontier, Spirit, Allegiant, and Southwest are a few airlines that offer low prices on tickets all over the country. You can get a flight from one city to another for under $100 one way, and sometimes the price is far less than that. You can sign up for airline emails to receive notification when sales start, when fares drop, and when deals are available.

Use Credit Card Points

Do you have a credit card? You can use it all year to pay for everything and earn points to pay for your vacation. Whether it’s cash back or airlines miles you’re earning, you can earn a lot. Say you use your credit card for 1.5% cash back. You can pay your monthly expenses with it each month for a year and use your cash to pay off the card every month. When you use it to buy things you already pay for no matter what, you’re getting paid to pay your bills.

If you spend $5,000 per month on your expenses such as mortgage, utilities, gas, tuition, and groceries, you could earn $900 to put toward your vacation each year from that alone. You pay for things you need and get paid to take a vacation? That’s a deal.

Living on a budget doesn’t mean you’re required to forgo the things in life you love the most. You have the chance to spend money to make money, to save money, and to buy things that are nowhere near the original price if you know where to look, how to look, and when to look. You can vacation every summer somewhere great, and you don’t need to worry about going over budget.

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