Earn $250 for Opening a New Wells Fargo Checking Account

Everyone loves getting free money, and if you've been wishing someone would give you a few hundred dollars for free, you definitely need to learn about the $250 bonus being offered by Wells Fargo. Simply by signing up for a new checking account and meeting a few basic requirements, you could suddenly find yourself $250 richer. Of course, there are some restrictions, which is why it's important that anyone interested in earning this bonus knows a bit more about how the promotion works.

Wells Fargo Bonus Promotions

As one of America's leading banks, Wells Fargo is always trying to attract new customers and regularly offers special sign-up bonuses to this effect. The bank typically offers at least one or two such bonus promotions per year, allowing anyone who signs up during the promotional period to earn themselves some free cash just for becoming a Wells Fargo customer. In addition, the bank frequently hosts bonus promotions for existing customers as a way of saying thanks.

Everyday Checking $250 Bonus

Wells Fargo's current $250 bonus promotion is available to anyone who opens up an Everyday checking account online within the qualifying period. The bonus is being offered nationwide at all Wells Fargo branches, which means you can qualify for the free $250 no matter where in the country you live.

However, it is important to note that you must sign up for your new Everyday checking account online as the promotion is not available to those who sign up for the account at their local Wells Fargo branch or over the phone. Nonetheless, the bonus is available to certain other types of consumer checking accounts opened in person at a bank branch. Either way, there are also a number of other restrictions that could disqualify you from being eligible for the current bonus promotion.

The Everyday checking $250 bonus is only available to new Wells Fargo customers, which means that anyone who currently has a personal banking account with the institution is disqualified from receiving the bonus. The bonus is also not available to any current Wells Fargo employees. In addition, you are not eligible to receive the bonus if you have received a similar checking account bonus from the bank at any time over the previous year.

How to Qualify for Your Free $250 Bonus

After opening up your new Everyday checking account online, you will still need to meet a few additional requirements before you can actually receive your money. The first requirement is that you use the online direct deposit function to put at least $25 into your new checking account as this is the minimum deposit required to officially open and activate your account. In addition, customers must also meet one of the two following requirements within 60 days of opening their account to earn the bonus.

• Have at least $500 in total Direct Deposits
• Make at least 10 debit card purchases or payments

As soon as you make the 10 debit card payments or $500 in Direct Deposits, Wells Fargo will then automatically deposit the $250 bonus into your checking account within 45 days. In this way, it makes sense to make the qualifying payments or deposit as soon as you can. While you technically have up to 60 days from the date you opened your account to qualify, meeting these requirements immediately will ensure you have to wait less time to receive your bonus money.

Facts about the Everyday Checking Account

Wells Fargo's Everyday checking account is a basic consumer checking account. The bank technically charges a $10 monthly service fee for this account although there are a number of ways that you can avoid paying this fee. In fact, the bank automatically waives this $10 fee for any account that meets the following conditions.

• Has a minimum daily account balance of at least $1,500
• Has at least $500 in qualifying direct deposits
• Makes at least 10 purchases or payments with their debit card during the month

You'll notice that the last two conditions are exactly the same as the ones that you need to meet in order to earn the $250 bonus. This is yet another reason why you'll want to meet these conditions as soon as possible. Not only will it ensure that you earn your free bonus, but it will also save you from having to pay the monthly service fee.

The Wells Fargo $250 bonus is sure to attract more customers, but unfortunately, the promotion won't last forever. Still, there is no need to worry too much if you end up missing it as Wells Fargo and other banks routinely offer these types of bonuses. In this sense, you'll generally have another chance to earn free cash simply for opening up a bank account.

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