Amazon is Hiring Over 50,000 New Employees

Almost everyone knows who Amazon is, a huge online company who is based out of Seattle, WA. You may have heard of Amazon Prime, a two-day shipping option of the website, or Alexa, the newest personal assistant that operates under Amazon devices, such as the Echo or Dot. Amazon packages and ships millions of parcels for the general public on a daily basis and is growing exponentially in size. More than 50,000 employees are slated to be hired to help prepare packages for shipment across the United States. Amazon is looking to fill at least 80% of these openings with full-time positions. They also have 10,000 part time employees working every day throughout the country.

Amazon plans to hold their first hiring day, known as “Amazon Jobs Day”, on the second of August. These interviews will be held at ten of the company’s fulfillment centers in the United States. This helps any potential employee learn more about what the job entails and what Amazon offers. Amazon plans to offer jobs to thousands of men and women who are interested on this day, making it known as one of the biggest hiring days of the year. Amazon will also fill management and supporting positions within the company, such as IT specialists, HR representatives, operation leaders and more.

All full-time jobs come with many incentives, according to the company. These will include competitive pay, stock in the company, disability and health insurance, and even retirement saving packages. By mid-2018, Amazon plans to add over 100,000 full-time jobs in the United States. With this number, the company will have over 280,000 employees working for them all around the country.

Since Amazon is continually expanding and gaining new customers every day, they need to hire more and more workers to fulfill the positions necessary to run the company. This giant online store needs not only warehouse employees, but also new workers in the data science, customer service and software engineering fields. This is due to the expansion of the company across the globe.

Amazon passed the 350,000 employee mark for employees around the world in April, which is a 43 percent increase since the last recorded year. Amazon is hiring even more people than their rivals, such as Google and Microsoft, and has hired over 110,000 employees since 2016.

Brian Olsavsky, the CFO of Amazon, has stated that the amount of new employees is in direct correlation with the high fulfillment activity that the company offers. There has been steady growth in the transportation logistics network to start. Units such as the Echo, Echo Dot and Amazon Web Services have also increased the need for more employees. Amazon is on track to maintain their online global leadership position and is staying ahead of their competitors when it comes to growth in employees.

Greek Wire performed an analysis in 2016 of the company emplacement growth. This analysis showed that there is more than just significant growth in Seattle, where the headquarters are located. There is also ongoing growth occurring within the Southern and Midwestern states. The company is consistently leaving their distribution footprints everywhere. As online sales and marketing grows, so does their customer base, causing a need for more employees to fulfill orders around the country. They are also diversifying their business by providing a more innovative workplace for employees, thus propelling their growth to an even higher level. The Glassdoor report, provided by a job database found online, has reported that software developer’s jobs are among the fastest growing market within Seattle. A growth in the retail world is obviously linked to how much Amazon has grown in size.

There are currently ten fulfillment centers in the United States that will host the Amazon jobs day. Similar events are planned for Oklahoma and Buffalo cities, with information to be provided later. The list of the ten centers includes:

• Whitestown, Indiana
• Baltimore, Maryland
• Chattanooga, Tennessee
• Etna, Ohio
• Romeoville, Illinois
• Fall River, Massachusetts
• Robbinsville, New Jersey
• Kenosha, Wisconsin
• Kent, Washington
• Hebron, Kentucky

There will be a dress code for all Amazon hiring events. All candidates are required to wear closed-heeled shoes. Candidates must have their hair tied back and beards trimmed. Excessive jewelry is also not permitted due to safety reasons.

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