Got $100? Turn it Into a Fortune!

Could you start with $100 and turn it into a fortune? It may sound like an unattainable goal, but we can assure you that with hard work, dedication and perseverance, it is not. Read on to learn seven ways to start off with $100 and build on it until you become successful.

1. Make Purchases and Flip Them for Cash

Start building your capital by selling off your old junk. Clothes, games, tools-whatever you have lying around your home. This will give you the necessary capital you need to get started.

Then, start researching what things are actually worth. Go through auctions on eBay and become an expert on multiple categories. Buy old clothes or shoes at your local thrift store and sell them as vintage pairs on eBay. Find glassware you know is worth money at your neighborhood yard sale and flip it on Facebook Marketplace. You won’t believe what people will buy-remember, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure!

2. Sell Products or Services

You can start your own small business for $100 or less with just your phone and internet. You could be selling life insurance, beauty products, or energy supplements. You can also find jobs making cold, commission-only sales calls quite easily because the company does not have to risk paying you to do so. Learn to hone your sales skills early so that you will be able to persuade and negotiate later on in life when you are handling the bigger things.

3. Inventory What you Have and Crowdsource

With a little bit of cash and social media, anyone can easily source goods locally for people that do not want to promote and sell their items themselves. There are many e-commerce platforms you can use, such as Shopify, GearBubble, Amazon, and Etsy that will allow you to post pictures of items you and your friends own to sell. You set the price and make a commission off of the items you have sold for others.

4. Use What You Know

Take your $100 and put it away until you need it. Think about a specific area of knowledge that you know others want to know about. Do you have a skill or hobby that is useful to others, or could you use your current profession to provide feedback to others? Next, you will want to find a place where people come looking for the information you have, such as a social media platform or a forum on a website. You can then offer your services as a teacher, mentor or consultant. Trade the information you already know for actual dollars. After you have built a solid reputation, you can raise your rates and get even more for providing information to others.

5. Test First

Many would-be entrepreneurs don’t ever start because they are too afraid to fail. All you need is a $100 investment to start off with 20 $5 Facebook ads to generate leads. You’ll get either a positive or negative response from them. If you get a positive one, you’ll know you can proceed with more of an investment. This is called “testing before you invest” and is a quick and easy way to see if your idea is going to go somewhere.

6. Service is Key

Consider investing your $100 into a tool that you can make money with. For example, buy a decent lawn mower and put up signs around town and online offering your mowing services. You’ll quickly surpass your initial investment as you also become involved in networking. Your clients will get to know you and what you do for a living, or what your business ideas are, and you may get a lead or two down the line from them. Remember to always go above and beyond with the service you provide so your customers see you mean business and will want to recommend you for more profitable services within your actual business niche.

7. Don’t Fret Over the Money

There are hundreds of thousands of businesses that can be started with just $100 in your pocket. It isn’t about the money you start with, it’s about the how bright of an idea you have. Money will be the least of your concerns when you are looking towards the future with your business ideas. Don’t let a lack of monetary funds stop you from going after the business you have always wanted.

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